Thursday, September 25, 2008

Exercise 4-5

Exercise 4

1. I can speak Estonian and English.
2. My friend can speak Russian because he studies at Russian school.
3. My mother can speak Russian but she can´t speak English.
4. Our house is not very new but it`s nice and clean.
5. In Estonia daffodils only grow in parks and garden.
6. There are a lot of tourists in London but it`s an interesting city.
7. In Wales and Scotland all the people speak English because these are parts of the UK.
8.I can skate and swim, but I can`t play football.

Exercise 5

Capitals: Cardiff, Edinburgh, London, Tallinn.
Countries: Estonia, Wales, Scotland, Ireland.
People: Guest, neighbour, burglar, tourist.
Transport: Double-decker, police car, train, ship.

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