Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Teh |316 7357

Rukkilill - Cornflower
Võtma - Take took taken
Teadus vms - Science
Omama - Have has,had had

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Allar Kibbles


Kibbles was a little puppy.
One morning he decided to follow Jim's trail.
He sniffed around carefully And followed Jim's trail.
The trail lead to a big cape.
Suddenly the bell ringed now Kibbles was even more scared
Somehow Kibbles fall down stairs, and met the school cook: Sam
And eventually Jim gave Kibbles a big hug and went back to his lessons.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Exercise 5

I have to look after my younger sister.
Mother has to feed my younger sister.
I have to help my parents.
I have to work when I am out of town.
I have to tidy my room.
I have to clean my desk.
I have to study.
I want to wash up.
I want to go out of town.
My father wants to do a holiday vacation.
My mother has to learn sometimes.
I have to take my younger sister to the zoo.

Dance in the garden

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Exercises 1 and 2

Exercise 1

I have to study every day.
I have to write also every day.
I have to help somebody sometimes.
I have to clean on Fridays.
I have to wash on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
I have to brush my teeth every day.
I have to practice tennis on Tuesday and Thursday.
I have to listen to my little sister every day.
I don't have to feed anybody.
I have to look after my little sister sometimes.

Exercise 2

1 Our English teacher has to check our homework and tests.
2 Grown-ups have to earn money.
3 When your tooth aches you habe to go to the dentist's.
4 When you make a mistake you have to correct it.
5 When you make a mess you must clean it up.
6 I have to do my homework every day.
7 Mrs Simpson can't see very well. She has to wear glasses.
8 Lisa can't finish this task alone. I have to help her.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Little puppaaaaa

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Exercise 7

1. My brother's arm is in a plaster cast.
2. Tomorrow we are going to a field trip.
3. Are you going to draw a picture in the afternoon?
4. Is Betty going to take part in the skipping contest?
5. Jim fell off a ladder.
6. We dont have physical education tomorrow.
7. We dont have German also.
8. Is geography the third lesson?
9. My grandma knows a lot of stories and rhymes.
10. Who is going to spin the rope?
11. Rise your hand, if you know the answer.
12. Our friends on the bus waved at us.

My HTML timetable downwards |
\ | /
\ | /

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

HTML Timetable!!! Made by me!! (really)

FrenchFrenchHistoryDesign and technology
Physical EducationPhysical EducationMusicEnglishBiology
History--\/--FrenchHealth EducationLunch

Thursday, April 23, 2009

My timetable


1. Choir (not for me)
2. Estonian
3. Physical Education
4. History
5. Lunch
6. Maths
7. Maths


1. French
2. English
3. Physical Education
4. Physical Education
5. Lunch
6. Estonian
7. Maths


1. French
2. Art
3. Music
4. French
5. Lunch
6. Biology
7. Estonian


1. History
2. French
3. English
4. Health Education
5. Lunch
6. Estonian
7. Maths


1. Design and Technology
2. Design and Technology
3. Biology
4. Lunch
5. Maths
6. Estonian

My favourite subject is design and technology.
I quite like maths.
I don't like history.
I'm good at art.
We don't study science yet.
Next year we're going to study Russian.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Monday, April 6, 2009

Things go wrong

1st story

So I was at school. Actually I just arrived at school. I didn't see anyone from my class around. So then I saw my friend. I went to talk to him, and when I started talking, he turned around and stared at me strangely. So I thought then "Omg. Wrong person!". Then I said sorry and walked away.

2nd story.

Well once there was this time, when I had a running nose. I got a hankie to blow my nose, but I forgot it was made out of cloth not paper. So I go to the nearest trash can (also known as the toilet) and I accidentally flushed my hankie :(

3rd story.

It was a Tuesday. I was waiting for a trolley, but it didn't come. I needed to hurry to my tennis practice, so i saw a bus coming. I saw it was going to Väike-Õismäe so I went on it. But it went somewhere else, so I got very lost. I called several times to my parents and asked if they can tell me where to go. Finally I ended up at my grandma's house.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Yesterday it was a very bad day. Another tornado attacked a small village. The tornado was very scary. The village that was destroyed was SmallVillage. This is a sad tragedy for all of us. The tornado might continue, maybe it will not.


Today is a very sunny and warm day. The tornado is gone, and we are happy. Today is a great day for outdoor activities, like swimming. We don't know why we have palm trees in Alaska. They came after the tornado. But, who cares?

Silver and Kristjan

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My plans

It's seven o'clock. I'm going to brush my teeth.
It's eight o'clock. My french class is going to start.
It's nine o'clock. I'm going to draw.
It's ten o'clock. I'm going to sing.
It's eleven o'clock. My french class is going to start again.
It's twelve o'clock. I'm going to have lunch.
It's one o'clock. I'm going to open my workbook.
It's two o'clock. I'm going to have a test.
It's three o'clock. I'm going on the bus.
It's four o'clock. I'm going to watch TV.
It's five o'clock. I'm going to have suffer.
It's six o'clock. I'm going to study.
It's seven o'clock. I'm going to play the computer.
It's eight o'clock. Now I'm going to watch TV again.
It's nine o'clock. I'm going to still watch TV.
It's ten o'clock. Yet again I'm going to watch TV.
It's eleven o'clock. I'm going to bed.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Silver, Allar ja Neit

Exercise 9

Only Allar exercised yesterday.
Only Allar and Kristjan drinked water yesterday.
Only Kristjan ate fish yesterday.
Only Allar ate fruit yesterday.
Nobody ate vegetables yesterday.
Only Kristjan and Markus got enough sleep yesterday.
Allar, Kristjan and Markus had fun yesterday.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

My friend Markus

My friend's name is Markus. In his childhood, he looked like a monkey. He lived in Viimsi. He played Runescape. He liked to eat raviolis. He started school when he was seven, he thinks. He went to playschool. He had many friends. He liked to read. He liked to go to school. He had 2 brothers. They were both older than him.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Exercise 10

Mrs Nelson didn't buy bananas. She bought apples.
Ann didn't eat a pear. She ate a carrot.
Henry didn't meet Anna. He met John.


+ I hate Brussels sprouts!
- I don't hate them, i just really hate them!
+ They are so expensive and nasty.
- Yup.
+ Do you like apples?
- Yeah, cause they are red and juicy.
+ Same here. Bye!
- Bye...

Monday, February 9, 2009

Exercise 1

1.I watched TV.
2.You walked a lot.
3.He read books.
She went to other countries.
It played CDs

1.We had Lego.
2.You went to the cinema.
3.They wore T-shirts.

1.I didn't make music.
2.You didn't eat a lot of fruit and berries.
3.He didn't have showers.
She didn't watch TV.
It didn't walk a lot.

1.We didn't read books.
2.You didn't go to other countries.
3.They didn't have Lego.

1.Did I go to the cinema?
2.Did you work on computers?
3.Did he wear T-shirts?
Did she make music?
Did it eat a lot of fruit and berries?

1.Did we have showers?
2.Did you watch TV?
3.Did they walk a lot?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Exercise 3

1 A lot of rats | a palju rotte
2 Lots of money | c palju raha
3 Get rid of | d lahti saama
4 Play the flute | i flööti mängima
5 Become cross | b pahaseks saama
6 Full of rats | h rotte täis
7 One night | a ühel ööl
8 I keep my word. | e Ma pean oma sõna.
9 Not at all | i flööti mängima

I.R verbs

Was Came
Were Wore
Ate Became
Ran Said
Could Gave
Know Took

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Exercise 9

2 The sons were strong but lazy.
3 The farmer was very wise.
5 The farmer's sons started to work hard after their father died.
6 The sons found treasure.
7 The sons got a lot of fruit from the garden.
9 The farmer's sons became rich.

Mary had a little lamb super remix


Kui tihti sa sööd hommikust? How often do you have breakfast?
Ma käin ujumas laupäeviti. I have a swim every Saturday.
Ma ei tee uinakut peale kooli. I do not have a nap after school.
Kas sa käid vannis pühapäeval? Do you have a bath on Sundays?
Ma ei käi duši all iga päev. I don`t have a shower everyday.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Exercise 8

1 Mr Webster`s cat caught a mouse.
2 Nelly went to school in the morning.
3 The grasshopper was unhappy.
4 Last week we saw a good movie.
5 Ann called me last night
6 I met my friends at the weekend.
7 Did you know how to read, when you were five?
8 Your desk was untidy this morning.

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Happy Grasshopper

Storyteller: Maria
Grasshopper: Kaisa
Butterfly: Liisa
Ant: Silver

Storyteller: It was a horrible day. It rained a lot. The grasshopper was very wet. And he was still unhappy. Then suddenly he saw a butterfly.
Grasshopper: Hi Butterfly! How do you do?
Butterfly: I'm fine, thanks. You look wet.
Grasshopper: Of course I'm wet. It's raining!
Butterfly: Come under my wings.
Grasshopper: Thank you. I need to find a karate teacher.
Butterfly: I'm sorry. I only teach judo.
Grasshopper: I can't find a music teacher, I can't find a karate teacher and I don't like judo!
Storyteller: The grasshopper hopped away. Soon he met an ant.
Ant: Hi! I'm a little ant!
Grasshopper: Who said that?
Storyteller: The grasshopper accidentally steps on the ant.
Ant: Ouch! Help!
Grasshopper: Sorry! I didn't see you!
Ant: No problem.
Storyteller: So the grasshopper hopped on and on.