Thursday, January 29, 2009

Exercise 9

2 The sons were strong but lazy.
3 The farmer was very wise.
5 The farmer's sons started to work hard after their father died.
6 The sons found treasure.
7 The sons got a lot of fruit from the garden.
9 The farmer's sons became rich.

Mary had a little lamb super remix


Kui tihti sa sööd hommikust? How often do you have breakfast?
Ma käin ujumas laupäeviti. I have a swim every Saturday.
Ma ei tee uinakut peale kooli. I do not have a nap after school.
Kas sa käid vannis pühapäeval? Do you have a bath on Sundays?
Ma ei käi duši all iga päev. I don`t have a shower everyday.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Exercise 8

1 Mr Webster`s cat caught a mouse.
2 Nelly went to school in the morning.
3 The grasshopper was unhappy.
4 Last week we saw a good movie.
5 Ann called me last night
6 I met my friends at the weekend.
7 Did you know how to read, when you were five?
8 Your desk was untidy this morning.

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Happy Grasshopper

Storyteller: Maria
Grasshopper: Kaisa
Butterfly: Liisa
Ant: Silver

Storyteller: It was a horrible day. It rained a lot. The grasshopper was very wet. And he was still unhappy. Then suddenly he saw a butterfly.
Grasshopper: Hi Butterfly! How do you do?
Butterfly: I'm fine, thanks. You look wet.
Grasshopper: Of course I'm wet. It's raining!
Butterfly: Come under my wings.
Grasshopper: Thank you. I need to find a karate teacher.
Butterfly: I'm sorry. I only teach judo.
Grasshopper: I can't find a music teacher, I can't find a karate teacher and I don't like judo!
Storyteller: The grasshopper hopped away. Soon he met an ant.
Ant: Hi! I'm a little ant!
Grasshopper: Who said that?
Storyteller: The grasshopper accidentally steps on the ant.
Ant: Ouch! Help!
Grasshopper: Sorry! I didn't see you!
Ant: No problem.
Storyteller: So the grasshopper hopped on and on.