Monday, April 6, 2009

Things go wrong

1st story

So I was at school. Actually I just arrived at school. I didn't see anyone from my class around. So then I saw my friend. I went to talk to him, and when I started talking, he turned around and stared at me strangely. So I thought then "Omg. Wrong person!". Then I said sorry and walked away.

2nd story.

Well once there was this time, when I had a running nose. I got a hankie to blow my nose, but I forgot it was made out of cloth not paper. So I go to the nearest trash can (also known as the toilet) and I accidentally flushed my hankie :(

3rd story.

It was a Tuesday. I was waiting for a trolley, but it didn't come. I needed to hurry to my tennis practice, so i saw a bus coming. I saw it was going to Väike-Õismäe so I went on it. But it went somewhere else, so I got very lost. I called several times to my parents and asked if they can tell me where to go. Finally I ended up at my grandma's house.

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