Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Exercises 1 and 2

Exercise 1

I have to study every day.
I have to write also every day.
I have to help somebody sometimes.
I have to clean on Fridays.
I have to wash on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
I have to brush my teeth every day.
I have to practice tennis on Tuesday and Thursday.
I have to listen to my little sister every day.
I don't have to feed anybody.
I have to look after my little sister sometimes.

Exercise 2

1 Our English teacher has to check our homework and tests.
2 Grown-ups have to earn money.
3 When your tooth aches you habe to go to the dentist's.
4 When you make a mistake you have to correct it.
5 When you make a mess you must clean it up.
6 I have to do my homework every day.
7 Mrs Simpson can't see very well. She has to wear glasses.
8 Lisa can't finish this task alone. I have to help her.

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